My First Time!

Posted by Juliet Ayala on

January 11, 2017


            It’s your girl Juliet here and this past weekend I got to tag along with both Natalie and Anthony Curiel for a photoshoot. Once I started modeling for them I used to think that modeling must be an easy job, that all you have to do is just standing there, but nope. It’s surprisingly much harder than expected. I got to learn my angles, how to make face expressions and how to use body language. Have you ever heard that saying, “Practice makes Perfect,” well it is true!! I started going by that saying because I know I am not a professional model, it is a whole new world to me and I like it. Being able to try on their products and model for them was such an honor. It’s really awesome to be able to be the first one to see any new products and get to try them on. Their products are really comfortable and so stylish; they really are such amazing quality. I am really excited to see what is in store with them and tagging along on their wonderful journey 2017 should be a big year of them. I hope you guys join us and grow with us. We also want to say thank you!!! We are very happy to see that you are enjoying their products, we want to see you wearing and using our products so please do tag us on your photos on Instagram: @mxa.c ! I will talk to you guys very soon! BYE!



From your girl,

Juliet Ayala

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