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It's your girl Juliet, coming at you today to give you some updates with MxA.C. First of all I want to thank you guys for still continuing to support us and for giving us an insanely amount of love. As for those who are new and are coming along with us on our journey. HI, WELCOME! We are preparing for new products, and some exciting news for these next couple months. We will be traveling to visit New York in September and Chi-Town (Chicago) in October. Follow us on our social media to see our products visiting these big cities. You can find us on Instagram @mxa.c, double tap and scroll through our photos. Another very exciting news is that we got the opportunity to be featured on a magazine!!! I can not tell you yet, but that issue is coming very soon. Make sure to keep coming in here to see because I will update it here first! That is all for now! Hope you guys have a beautiful magical wonderful day, and I'll talk to you guys very soon! BYYYYYEEE!

Juliet Ayala

Photo taken by Bo Rivera, instagram account: @austinrivera_

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